Ford on Track to Sell 800k F-Series and Remain the Best Selling Truck

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best selling truck

You’ve most likely heard the slogan, “best selling truck in America” for so and so years. Yes, it’s been around for a while, and it’s belonged to the F-150 for longer than I’ve been alive. As with most things we hear quite often, we get used to them. Just ask our significant others…

According to Ford Motor Company and industry analysts, the blue oval is on track to sell over 800,000 F-Series trucks this year. That makes it the best selling truck in America for a whopping 40 years. To most people it’s just a slogan, a saying, or even just a marketing term. To Ford, it’s confirmation that they’re doing things right. They have for a long time, and they’re not about to stop now.

“Question asked and answered,” said Truck Group Marketing Manager Doug Scott to the media. “The answer was our light-weighting strategy has given the truck owner more of everything they wanted: more payload, more towing, better acceleration, better fuel economy, better vehicle dynamics.”

best selling truck

With less than three weeks to play in 2016, Ford has sold 733,287 trucks. That’s 213,000 trucks more than its closest rival, the Chevy Silverado. And to make matters even worse for GM, analysts say that Ford isn’t done, as they expect to achieve their best-selling year since 2001. That year Ford sold a massive 901,000 units.

Another key item for Ford Motor Company, is average transaction price. According to Truck Group Marketing Manager Doug Scott, “Overall F-Series transaction price is highest in the industry and Super Duty is transacting $10,000 a unit higher than the 2016,” he says. “The F-150 transaction price is $1,500 to $3,000 higher than our competitors.”

best selling truck

Ford truck fanatics can expect the F-150 to continue evolving in the near future. The blue oval recently introduced the 10-speed automatic transmission co-developed with GM, and the all-new Raptor into the market. Customers can already walk into dealerships and purchase those two products today, though good luck finding an available Raptor!

Now, let’s all look into the eyes of a Chevy fan and say: Best selling truck in America for 40 years straight.


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Story via: [Detroit News]

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