Unstoppable F-150 Pushes Through a River of Slop

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F-150 claws slow and steady through the mud as the V8 engine roars.

This week’s Muddy Monday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Casey Strawser and it features a seventh generation Ford F-150 playing in a serious mud bog. This footage was captured at the Buck Motorsports Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in a dedicated, permanent competition area that is practically a deep river of mud. You could probably hide a mid-sized sedan in this mud, but the old half-ton Ford works its way from one side to the other.

The Truck

There are no details on this truck, but the title suggests that it is owned or piloted by a gentleman named Jeff Lefever. Based on the styling, we know that this is an F-150 from the seventh generation of the F-Series, so it was sold between 1980 and 1986. We also know from the sound that it is packing a V8 engine and the Motor Company offered a handful of healthy mills in that era, including a 302 and a 351, but if could also have been fitted with a different engine.

1980s F-150 in the Mud

Finally, we can see that this F-150 has some big, beefy tires that play a big role in the truck’s ability to conquer the mud and there might be a slight lift as well. However, details side, this old Ford is a solid mud truck.

The Big Run

As the video above begins, the Ford F-150 is already in motion and we catch the action just before the truck slams into the first deep part of the bog. This creates a wave of mud from the front bumper and the truck slows significantly, but the driver keeps the hammer down and the truck slowly powers ahead.

F-150 Hits the Mud

As the run goes on, the F-150 keeps moving slower and slower, but it comes out on top, taking about 25 seconds from start to finish.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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