F-150 Driver Parties at Strip Club, Rolls out of Truck, Runs Himself Over, Crushes House

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Yes, it’s the kind of news that you would only expect out of Florida, but on an even larger scale. I mean, to roll out of your own truck and run your own legs over. Now that takes skill, mi amigo!

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the 28-year-old stripper-loving Ford F-150 driver left a nearby strip joint at around 2:15 am, and it didn’t take him long to set off a chain of douchebag-like events. Sadly, his irresponsibility behind the wheel has left a poor 58-year-old woman injured, and with a partially-destroyed home.

Orlando police are still in the hunt for the man, as witnesses say the he was picked up by another vehicle shortly after he saw his truck crash into the home. Police say they’ve identified the man, but have not been able to find him at any of his registered addresses. It didn’t take detectives long to recognize him via video survelliance from the strip club, as well as the ID he left in the truck. (You can’t make this stuff up)


While Chevy owners like to poke fun of the aluminum-bodied Ford truck, TV images courtesy of WESH show the white F-150 in pretty darn good shape. It clearly won the “truck vs. house” Florida edition showdown.

For the sake of the homeowner, her family, and every “normal” person in the Sunshine State, I sure hope they catch the asshole.

Keep on keepin’ it, Florida!

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