Video: Ford F-150 Peg Leg Burnout With Lots of Smoke

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This week’s tire smokin’ video features a relatively stock-looking Ford F-150 pickup, doing a burnout at the 2016 Bloomsburg Burnout Contest. Yes, aparently such thing exists…

At the beginning of the video, we watch as the F-150 rolls past the crowd and onto the slab which serves as the burnout box. At first sight, this Ford truck looks pretty much stock, with the exception of some stick-on hood scoops, which the owner probably believes added an extra 550 horsepower or so.

After the front wheels are chocked, the tan Ford F-150 begins its burnout, at which point we  see that it’s only spinning the passenger side rear tire. Even with only a single tire spinning, this old-school F-150 creates plenty of smoke for the minute-long burnout, therefore generating a cloud that took some 20 seconds to disperse.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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Video via: [MidnightMadness4x4]

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