F150 Ecoboost V6 Fuel Economy Numbers

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Let’s take a look at the Ecoboost 4×4 engine fuel economy numbers for the F150. The Ecoboost engine is a 3.5L V6 Twin-Turbo that has been designed and produced for the 2011 F150 series. The company had been looking for a green alternative to the V8’s that consumers are used to. It looks like they’ve found it with 16/22 city/highway for the two-wheel drive model and 15/21 city/highway for the four-wheel drive model.

Among Competitors

Among competitors, the new Ecoboost puts out a whopping 365 horse power and 420 foot pounds of torque. It’s still a massive tow truck and the horsepower and torque beat out most competitors, including many V8’s offered on the market. The under-performing trucks in performance comparison include the Chevy Silverado 1500, the Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan.

Torture Test

The torture tests used for the 2011 F150 with Ecoboost 4X4 engine included log pulling in Oregon, competing in the Baja 1000 off-road race, towing 11,000 pounds on a racetrack for 24 straight hours and dyno testing. These rigorous tests showed the Ecoboost can outperform previous engines and competitors.

Test Drives

Test drives were done and all drivers complimented the new F150 on the truck’s diesel-like performance and optimal torque band. The engine combined with the new 6R80 six-speed transmission helped the truck perform better and gave better driver control with a manual shift mode. This new transmission is now being used in the Ford truck lineup across the board.

There is an upgrade price of $1,750 over the entry level 3.7L V6 and an upgrade price of $700 over the standard 5.0L V8. But if you’re looking for a different option with the same power, the 2011 Ford F150 with Ecoboost 4X4 engine is a great way to go.

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