F-150 Drifting in the Snow as Seen from an Angry Bird: Freaky-Ford Friday

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Hard-charging drone provides a unique perspective of the F-150 drifting in an icy lot.

This week’s Freaky Friday comes to us from the YouTube channel of Joey D’Anna and it features an 11th generation Ford F-150 drifting around a big, empty parking lot after a snow storm. The snow is just deep enough to allow the 2004 through 2008 to easily spin the rear tires, drawing circles in the wintry slush.

What makes this clip unique from other footage of an F-150 frolicking in the snow is the fact that it is filmed by an aerial drone being controlled by a very rambunctious pilot. As a result, this video allows us to watch the Ford fun from the perspective of an angry bird that is repeatedly attacking the truck.

High Speed Drone

The video begins with the F-150 sitting stationary in the snow and the drone sitting on the ground next to the truck, but at the same time at which the truck pulls away, the drone goes rocketing into the sky. The first few seconds of the video are really more of an aerial acrobatics display, but after the pilot showcases his or her skills, the truck becomes the focus of the video.

F-150 Drone Fun

However, unlike many drone footage automotive videos where the camera is just hovering in the sky or moving slowly with the vehicle, this airborne video recorder is constantly moving, often swooping down close to the truck. As a result, it is kind of like the perspective of an angry bird that is protecting its nest from a hooligan in a pickup.

F-150 Front From Drone

Cooking Up Sno-Nuts

We don’t have any details on the Ford F-150 in the video above, but we know all that we need to know. With the layer of snow in the huge parking lot, this truck easily keeps the rear tires spinning as the driver throws the rear end around over and over again. At times, the angry bird view transitions to slow motion, giving us a better look of the rear tires slinging snow into the air.

F-150 Drove Close

Would this tire-spinning action have been done in a dry parking lot of in the dirt, we would have called them donuts, but since the snow is playing such a vital role here, we call them sno-nuts. Towards the end of the video, a Volvo 240 joins in on the fun a bit, but it doesn’t play in the snow as well as the truck.

F-150 Making Sno-Nuts

While the tire-spinning action and drone piloting is good, the music is odd, so this is a video best-enjoyed with the volume left on mute.

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