Tire Smokin Tuesday: F-100 Shows Off with a Mustang

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Classic Ford F-100 and a Fox Body Mustang roast their tires on a busy street.

This week’s Tire Smokin Tuesday video comes to us from the spendone YouTube channel and it features what looks to be a 1955 Ford F-100 pickup and a later version of the Fox Body-era Mustang doing a side-by-side burnout. This is one of those videos that comes with the “don’t try this at home” tag, but it is cool watching a classic pickup and a relatively modern Mustang flexing their muscles together.

F-100 and Mustang Burnout

Redz Ford F-100

There are no details on this Ford F-100 pickup with this video, but in looking around the YouTube channel, we found another video that refers to it as a “Ford SBC Pickup”. That means that this rat rod Ford pickup is powered by a Chevrolet small block V8 and while we don’t know anything about that engine, it is safe to assume that it is considerably more powerful than any of the stock engines that could have come in this truck.

Based on the appearance, this appears to be a 1955 F-100. If that is accurate, the most powerful engine offered that year was the 317 cubic inch V8 with 170 horsepower. Any mildly-build small block Chevy easily makes more power than that, allowing this old school Ford truck to do big burnouts.

The Tandem Burnout

In this video, the antique Ford F-100 is doing a burnout at a busy intersection alongside a Fox Body Mustang. Based on the number of people on the side of the road filming this burnout, it is safe to assume that this is not just two vehicles on a random street. We would bet that this action was captured around some event like Mustang Week, where there were lots of hot rod Fords cruising the streets with lots of drunks standing on the street corner – begging for burnouts.

In any case, this Ford F-100 and Mustang put on a solid smoke show for the other drivers in traffic and the folks on the side of the road, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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