This F-550 is a Luxury Apocalypse Wagon

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ferd zombie truck

If you really need to survive the zombie apocalypse, you need the proper transportation. Something big, something powerful, and something with enough room to hold other survivors and lots of supplies. Since you are already building  the ultimate survival machine, there is no reason you can’t make it a little luxurious as well.

A Colorado company called EarthRoamer has built a rig they call the XV-LTS, and it is an expedition vehicle built on a Ford F-550. It is powered by the 6.7-liter Powerstroke, has an adjustable height suspension that can reach a maximum clearance of more than 20-inches, its rocking 41-inch tires, and on the back is a fully enclosed single-piece cabin.


It has a full interior with kitchen, fridge, entertainment center, power couches and more. Powering all of this equipment is a bank of five solar panels on the roof, that can provide as much as 90 amps of power on a clear bright day.

Everything in the cabin is electric, including the cooktop, so no need to burn your precious fuel during the apocalypse to cook a can of beans. Speaking of fuel, the truck comes equipped with a 100-gallon tank that gives this beast a range of around 1000 miles.

It also has a matching 100-gallon water tank to keep everyone hydrated. For seating, there are eight seats including the front four in the main cockpit, and there are two beds designed to sleep four, but you could squeeze 6-8 in dire circumstances.

On the outside the truck has a full brush guard, large winch, external door locks and a night vision system. There are also large air horns, powered by a five gallon air tank on board, and there is a built-in compressor. If you needed to escape to nowhere and stay alive, this truck would certainly do it.

If this isn’t enough truck for your tastes, there will be a much larger model based on the F-650 coming out soon.

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