F-450 Handles Huge Haul With No Sweat

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F-450 haul

VIDEO: Ford F-450 Hauls 5,000 Pounds of Water and Tools Two Hours Down the Road in Kick-Ass Big Truck Big RV Clip

We hear tons of chatter regarding towing and hauling capacity these days. These numbers sell trucks, plain and simple. And each new iteration of heavy-duty truck must trump the last one. It’s fair to say that towing is the new horsepower race.

But do you actually ever make full use of your truck’s capacity? Or even come close to it? According to Ford, the 2017 Super Duty has a maximum payload capacity of 7,630 pounds. That’s significantly better than the previous generation, which topped out at 5,389 pounds. Either way, that’s a lot of stuff.

Our friends over at the YouTube channel Big Truck Big RV (BTBRV) recently put their F-450 to the test following a bit of a crisis. A local industrial company had a failure in a backflow preventer, causing major water contamination. Unable to drink or use any city water, residents were forced to buy bottled water.

It’s times like these when having a big old truck with lots of payload capacity pays off. After driving two hours to the closest Sam’s Club, BTBRV simply had two pallets of water dropped in the bed to take home. But that isn’t all — the truck also had a generator and additional water in the back seat.

So how did the F-450 handle all that weight? Extremely well, as you would imagine. The bed shifted a bit as expected. The leaf springs were just sitting on top of the overload springs. Rear squat is extremely minimal and the ride is said to be very stable.

All in all, a very good real world example of what these trucks are capable of. Even if you rarely (or never) have the need to haul this much weight in your bed, it’s nice to know that you can.

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