F-350 Humiliates Silverado in Tug of War, Then Keeps Going

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Ah, Tug of War.  The seemingly endless competition between truck brand loyalists just never seems to get old.  For us Ford fans, watching Blue Oval pickups humiliate Chevy owners is something that never fails to satisfy.

This particular pull features a pair of big block trucks – a Silverado with a 454, and an F-350 with a 460.  The sub text claims that the Chevy is “modified” while the Ford is “stock,” so the end result is even more embarrassing for the bow tie driver.

The Ford drags the Chevy so easily, in fact, that he just keeps going and exits the parking lot.  It’s a hilarious exclamation point on what is a blowout victory.  Chevy guy doesn’t give up, to his credit, keeping the rear wheels spinning till the end.

Naturally, the comments section is full of whiny Chevy fans who make up a thousand or so excuses, but clearly this particular driver had enough confidence in his truck to line up.  In fact, the person who shot the video claims that the Chevy driver is the one who wanted to race, and was smack talking beforehand.

If true, it appears that he bit off more than he could chew.  And once again, both a Ford and the internet win.

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Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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