Ford F-350 6×6 Tears Up Icelandic Glaciers with Ease

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When you think about off-roading and driving around in slippery conditions, you automatically think about four wheel drive.  But what’s better than having power available at all four wheels?  How about six?  Slap an extra axle on the already uber capable Super Duty, and you get a glacier crushing beast.

That’s exactly what one Nordic chap decided to do with his F-350, and the result is a truck that is simply unstoppable in even the worst conditions.  Put together by IceCool, the same company that built two trucks that traveled to the South Pole in Antarctica, this truck laughs in the general direction of the toughest winter weather.

The modifications that we know about include some tuning on the V8 turbo diesel, which is undoubtedly needed to turn the six massive 49″ Super Swamper Irok tires.  Gearing is obviously lower than stock, but the axles are factory units, and all six wheels have locks.  The lift comes courtesy of a custom fabbed unit, not a kit.

The results obviously speak for themselves.  This is one seriously capable rig, but it’s also plain cool. While it’s a pipe dream that Ford would ever build a 6×6, Mercedes has produced one, so we can certainly dream.  Or you can simply contact the gents at IceCool to build one for you.

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