F-250 Saves Half-Drowned Hummer H1

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Before today, if you would’ve told me I would see a Hummer getting stuck in the mud, I would’ve thrown my coffee in your face.  (Hope you like the taste of half and half!)

But I’ve now seen it and have no choice but to believe it.  Boy, does this one get jammed.  At least, I think it’s a Hummer.  Almost half of the SUV is under muddy water.

After the deployment of a tow strap and plenty of wheel spin and black diesel smoke from a Ford F-250 4X4, the H1 emerges from the drink.  It’s the exact opposite story once the rescued driver opens his door.

Unfortunately, no truck on earth can get all of that moisture and filth out of the yellow brute’s carpeting, seats and electronics.

photos [Edmunds 1 and 2]

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