F-250 to the Rescue! Daring Ford Put an End to a Police Chase

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This is a story you’ll want to know if you’re a fan of the F-250. Or reality TV. Or police chases. Really, if you’re a fan of anything worth being a fan of you’ll absolutely love this story!

A man led police on a chase in a stolen BMW just a few days ago, and though that might not seem like such an odd occurrence (it happened in the City of Angels, after all), the ending is certainly worth noting.


The guy managed to get up to ninety miles per hours as he weaved through traffic in the stolen car, but eventually ended up slamming into the bumper of a silver sedan.

Instead of surrendering when he had clearly lost, the guy took off on foot across three lanes of traffic with his backup plan — a longboard.

He tried using his new plastic wheels to outrun police, but wasn’t very skilled at it and decided just to run like hell instead.

CNN said “experienced skateboarders it spoke to gave the suspect ‘low marks,'” and Ford-Trucks Editor John Coyle—our resident “experienced skateboarder”—concurred, calling the culprit’s moves, “weak” and stated “that’s what you get for riding a wrongboard.”


And maybe that would’ve worked if it wasn’t for a surprise hero in a big, red F-250 that saved the day. As the suspect darted across the road once more, the red Ford whipped in front of him to block his path. The guy ran around it and toward the sidewalk on the other side of the road, where he was cut off again by — guess what? — the same F-250.

The driver — who happens to be none other than Lou Pizarro, star of the reality show “Operation Repo” — basically pinned the guy to the fence. Police handled the menace from there, and now he sits in cuffs as the LAPD enjoys playing with his long board and laughing at his well-earned misfortune.

F-250 Saves the Day!Pizarro did make some comments to the press afterwards, telling them that it was “just instinct” to cut the guy off and help the police catch the bad guy.

When it comes down to it, there are two very simple morals to this hilarious story: Firstly, don’t do things that will land you between a fence and truck’s grille (we’re sure that wasn’t very fun). Secondly, owning a Ford is truly one of the closest things to being a superhero — and it certainly is wonderful!

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