Dealer Gifts F-150 to Veteran Who Saved Las Vegas Shooting Victims

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Las Vegas

In the midst of chaos, the Marine vet stole a pickup truck and transported victims of the Las Vegas shooting to a nearby hospital.

Taylor Winston is the name of a new American hero. And while we at Ford Truck Enthusiasts typically focus on, well, the Ford truck, this story deserves a different approach.

Winston was present at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas on October 1st, when what would become the deadliest shooting in US history began. Ten days later, he’s being praised as a true hero, and a reflection of American values. Because of that, he’s been gifted a new (to him) Ford F-150 by B5 Motors in Gilbert, Arizona.

Despite attending the festival with his girlfriend, Winston’s initial reaction wasn’t to flee and find cover for the both of them, but to head into the firefight and help victims.

According to USA Today, Winston eventually searched a nearby parking lot and found a pickup truck which happened to have the keys sitting on the console. He quickly got the truck running and loaded it with shooting victims, eventually making not one, but two trips from the scene to a nearby hospital.

In total, sources claim he transported 20 to 30 people to safety and medical attention. Winston has been able to meet with some of the victims he helped, but unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed the same luck as they didn’t survive their injuries.

Shane Beus is the owner of B5 Motors, and his kindness and financial means allowed him to gift Winston an F-150 from his dealership. “It’s very, very courageous what he did,” Beus told USA Today.

The Marine vet claims he’s accepted the new truck because it will allow him to sell his own vehicle, and donate the proceeds to victims of the shooting. Needless to say, we applaud not only Winston for his courageous attitude and kind heart, but also Beus of B5 Motors.

We hope that you find it within yourself to use social media for something positive today, and give these two a quick shoutout for their honorable actions.

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