F-150 Tremor to Pace NASCAR Truck Race

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2014 F-150 Tremor NASCAR Pace Car

Marcus Slater
F-150 Online

NASCAR fans will be getting an early look at Ford’s Tremor sport truck this weekend at the NASCAR Truck Series. There, it’ll serve as the pace truck for the Michigan National Guard 200.

We’ve already broke down what’s new with the Tremor a few months back. To refresh your memory, it’s not really a dedicated performance model like the Lightning was. Ford gave it a 4.10 rear axle and a center console mounted shifter though, so driving it does feel sporty. Underhood is an ecoboost V6 with the stock 365 horsepower. The pace car will remain unchanged aside from the addition of safety lights.

More pics of the Tremor all gussied up in pace car gear below.

via [The Mustang News]

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