F-SERIES TECH TALK: Changing a Faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor

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A faulty crankshaft position sensor on a 2004-2014 Ford F-150, F-250 or 2005-2015 F-350 Super Duty may negatively affect truck’s overall performance.

How can you tell if you have a bad crankshaft position sensor? Well, if your truck has trouble starting in cold weather, this can be a warning sign. Or if it has problems accelerating or a noticeable loss of power, and you’re making numerous trips to gas stations, then a problematic crankshaft position sensor may be the culprit.

And while this repair is moderately difficult, you don’t need to be a certified mechanic to handle it yourself. Fortunately, our “Tech Talk: Ford F-150/F-250: How to Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor” lays it all out for you.

Getting a new crankshaft position sensor installed on your F-150, F-250 or F-350 Super Duty can cost around $450 when done at a repair shop. However, changing the item yourself will see you spend roughly $60 to $125. That’s a big difference, and definitely worth the hour or so that you’ll spend working on the truck.

Owners with pickup trucks that are powered by a 4.2-liter V6 engine will have an easier time changing the sensor than owners with the larger 4.6-liter and 5.4-liter V8s. The sensor is located above the crankshaft pulley on the timing chain cover on the V6 engine. On the V8 motors, it’s located behind the air conditioning compressor, on the lower side of the timing chain cover.

If that sounds confusing, don’t fret. Just check out our latest “Tech Talk” as well as the video below, which provides a clear view and thorough explanation of how to get the job done.

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