F-150 Takes Hit by Big Rig & Rebounds like a Boss!

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F-150 Meets Big Rig

Need indisputable proof that Blue Oval builds ’em ‘Ford Tough’? Here it is!

Ford trucks are known for being tough; it’s their slogan, after all. And while a few fans were more than concerned when the Blue Oval dropped steel in favor of high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloys for the cab and bed back in the mid-2010s, the following should put to rest any notion Ford exchanged safety for fuel economy with the switch.

Trenton, New Jersey radio station WKXW-FM says a tractor-trailer travelling along Route 35 in the borough of Keyport (just south of the New York/New Jersey border) was cut-off by a minivan, leading to an unexpected detour on top of the roof of a brand-new Ford¬†F-150¬†that was parked on the lot at Tom’s Ford.

F-150 Meets Big Rig

The incident took place in the early afternoon on August 31, when the driver behind the wheel of the minivan failed to give enough distance to the big rig next to them before pulling back in front. According to the dealership’s Facebook, the driver “successfully maneuvered out of the way of a minivan cutting left into his lane at an already dangerous left hand u-turn outside of our store.” This led to the truck into the lot, where all 40,000 pounds of steel, aluminum, and produce tipped over upon the roof and high-strength steel frame of the F-150.

F-150 Meets Big Rig

Almost immediately, the staff at Tom’s Ford rushed out to get the truck driver out of the big rig as quickly as possible. The driver was later treated for minor injuries, but his actions “saved the lives of 2 adults and 2 children” in the minivan.

According to Asbury Park, New Jersey newspaper Asbury Park Press, Tom’s Ford general manager Larry Doremus says the accident will likely total $250,000 on the dealership’s end for the damage to the inventory. That said, it’s better to lose a few trucks than a few lives. There’s also the added bonus of seeing how tough Ford trucks are today, too, which will no doubt help boost sales at a few dealerships.

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