Muddy Monday Presented by Yokohama

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Watch a wannabe police Ford F-150 tackle the pit like it’s no big deal.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video comes to us from the 2016 Perkins Mud Bog Spring, in Howell, Michigan. A purpose-built Ford F-150 mud truck cruises through the pit with ease – until it eventually gets stuck!

At first glance, this monster mud truck appears to be built from a regular cab, short-bed Ford F-150 from the 1997-2003 model years. It clearly has a huge suspension system tucked underneath, providing plenty of ground clearance for the beefy tractor tires. We can also tell from the roar of the engine, that this F-150 has a healthy V8 under the hood.


However, while this might look like a tenth-generation Ford F-150, take notice of the length of the bed as the truck passes the camera. The area between the rear wheel well and the back of the cab appears to be shorter than in a stock F-150. In other words, it’s been thoroughly modified inside and out.

During the video, the driver charges from one side of the Perkins Mud Bog to the other, slinging mud with ease in the shallower portions of the pit. But then, the inevitable happens.

Watch the video and find out!

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