2015 Ford F-150 is Not Truck of the Year?

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I’ve been saying it for years, Ford was shortsighted in killing off the Ranger pickup in favor of just the F-150. The company is missing out on a market that is vastly larger than they believed. Even a brand new aluminum bodied F-150, and an EcoBoost V6 can’t help Ford recover those lost Ranger buyers.

Now however, it’s received a final blow that I doubt Ford can take lying down. MotorTrend, one of the biggest names in the automotive journalism industry, just named the new Chevy Colorado midsize pickup its truck of the year.


Editor in Chief Ed Loh, stated that the magazine can only give the Truck of the Year Award to the most worthy, and the new F-150 just isn’t up to snuff. Loh went on to say that the new F-150 even fell behind the current Dodge Ram 1500 due to the fact that the Ram had a better diesel option.

In the end, the Ford just couldn’t compete with its rivals, and that has me wondering a few things. First, will this finally get Ford to just bring back the Ranger? They really should. And secondly, has Ford rested on its laurels for too long? Have they lost touch of what makes a great truck? The company was king for so long that they might have developed a bit of an ego that isn’t serving anyone.

I’m curious, what do you all think about this decision?

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