F-150 in China..? Wait a minute…

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You might’ve seen this truck around the net already, but if you haven’t… I’m sorry you can’t unsee it. What you see might have the trappings of America’s favorite pick-up truck, but that’s about it. This non-F150 is a a knock off from Chinese automaker JAC. Style wise, it’s a blatant, direct, uh… homage to the original.
Unfortunately, JAC failed to copy the most important part of the F-150: the engine. No 5 liter V8s will be found here. It won’t even be offered with a lowly V6. Instead, the truck will go on sale with a truly impressive 2.8-liter, four cylinder diesel rated at 108 hp- and a colossal 177 lb-ft of torque.
This isn’t the first time that JAC has been caught copycatting domestic cars and trucks. In fact they also have a a clone of the Chevy’s S-10 named the Reni. Currently, that model is available for sale in 5 different versions. More details on this one when it makes an official debut at the Beijing Auto Show.

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