F-150 Fanatic John Cena Buys the Pinnacle of Ford Vehicles

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John Cena evokes his inner rapper by claiming “We started at F-150 and now we’re at Ford GT.”

Celebrities live in a form or rarified air, out of touch with most common folks. Despite many of them coming from humble beginnings, it’s not hard for new-found celebrities to forget their less glamorous past. Interestingly enough, much like former wrestler turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johson, the former wrestler turned actor John Cena has not forgotten where he came from.

Both beefy superstars share a passion for Ford trucks, with “The Rock” actually being a spokesperson for many Ford charitable projects. While Cena isn’t directly tied to Ford, he is a big fan of the Michigan automaker. In this recent video by The Bella TwinsCena shares his most recent Ford acquisition — the $400,000 Ford GT supercar.


While the GT is very cool and all, it’s one of his quotes from the video that stood out the most to us: “Started with an F-150, and now we’re here with a 2017 Ford GT.” Whether it’s because we’re obsessed with Ford trucks, or the fact that we appreciate his humility, it’s an awesome thing for a celebrity of his caliber to say.
Of course, this doesn’t mean he’s no longer a fan of Ford trucks. Cena, much like The Rock and Goldberg own F-150 pickup trucks and have an affinity for vintage Broncos. Cena can often be seen cruising in one of his many Mustangs, as well.

Who is your favorite Ford-driving celebrity?

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