Ford F-150 EcoBoost Growing in Popularity

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2015 Ford F-150

The EcoBoost V6 was introduced by Ford to offer an alternative to a gas-guzzling V8 that offered the same (or more) power and torque. While many of you here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts would rather have your F-150 with a V8, more people than ever are getting their trucks with an EcoBoost. April’s sales numbers show just how much.

For the 2015 model year, the F-150 received a second EcoBoost offering. A 2.7L EcoBoost V6 joined the 3.5L, and is the engine to get if you aren’t upgrading to the premiere Lariat, King Ranch, or Platinum models. That means there are four engines to choose from in an F-150 instead of three.


Even though there are two naturally-aspirated engine options, customers are flocking to the EcoBoost ones. Last month, 63% of all 2015 F-150s sold contained the EcoBoost engine. Dealers wouldn’t be ordering EcoBoost equipped trucks, especially the new 2.7L, if they didn’t think they’d sell. Clearly they are doing just that.

According to Ford, supply is still a bit constrained on the F-150 as the Kansas City plant is helping Dearborn catch up with production, but even at that sales overall of the F-150 were up 8%. Not too shabby.

Ford is adamant that the V8 isn’t going to go away in their pickup trucks, but in this day-and-age, even with cheaper gas prices, people are still choosing EcoBoost more than ever.

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