F-150 Dubbed ‘Freedom Blues’ Salutes Our Troops

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At a time in history where Americans are divided and concerned, “Freedom Blues” reminds us to honor those who fight for our rights.

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest headlines, controversies, and causes for division among the American people. Sadly, it’s the kind of world we live in. The good news is that with a little will-power we can easily snap out of such somber mindset, and appreciate the positive things around us. That’s why we at Ford Truck Enthusiasts are bringing you this honorable F-150.


Army Staff Sergeant Hank Robinson is, by all means, an American hero. After deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and others, he quickly found himself needing to readjust into civilian life back at home. What began in his garage after taking metalworking classes, evolved into high-exposure, highly profitable custom projects for A-list celebrities and athletes. The F-150 you see here is considered to be his most important project, and not because of the attention it’s brought him, but because of what it stands for.



In an effort to honor his brothers and sisters in uniform, Robinson spent over 800 hours hand-engraving the combat soldiers on the side of the F-150. Each one represents a different branch of the armed forces, and every detail is designed to honor them. Aside from the stunning exterior, he’s replaced the headliner with an American Flag version by Kinsey Kustoms, along with custom painted interior bits and door jambs.

When it comes to the big, meaty stuff, the 6.5-inch lift by McGaughys gives Freedom Blues an incredible presence, which is further enhanced by the 22×14 American Force Special Forces and 35×14 Nitto Trail Grappler tires. All in all, the project is nothing short of incredible.

Despite all the fancy accessories, it’s important to remember the main reason for this truck. So, as you hear all the negative things happening around this beautiful country, remember Freedom Blues.

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