F-150 Rolls Over Road Rager in a Camry

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After Being Punched Through the Window of His F-150, Owner Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

Florida works hard to make national news, and they typically succeed. Whether it’s drivers falling out of their trucks and running themselves over, or driving naked, Florida’s got it all. This time, the incident involved a crazy Floridian and a Ford truck owner that did everything he had to do to protect his family.

Ocala, Florida, resident Zach Waring was driving  his lifted Ford F-150 when he noticed a reckless driver through his rear view mirror. He witnessed the driver of a Toyota Camry aggressively cutting through traffic, nearly causing multiple wrecks.

Ford F-150

At a stoplight a few miles down the road from the initial sighting, the suspect exited his vehicle and approached Waring’s Ford truck. The Camry driver, identified as Adalberto Aponte, reportedly began punching Waring through the window. Witnessing the ordeal from the passenger seat was Waring’s girlfriend, who, in hoping to scare off the attacker warned Aponte that there was a gun in the truck.

Unfortunately, the mad man was unfazed and reportedly replied, “Well, I’ll just shoot you,” as he walked back to his Camry and began digging through it. It was at that moment that Waring had to do what he thought necessary to protect his family — he engaged reverse on his lifted Ford F-150.

Ford F-150

The photos speak for themselves. The F-150 managed to climb over the hood of the Camry, forcing Aponte to back away and not retrieve whatever weapon he was looking for. Ocala Police eventually arrested and incarcerated Aponte.

Any kind of road rage is dangerous, and often leads to innocent people getting hurt, or even worse, killed. We commend Waring for protecting his family, and we hope his badass truck wasn’t damaged in the process.

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Story & photos via: [WESH Florida]

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