F-100 is True to the Blue After All These Years

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1973 Ford F-100

Powered by its original 360 under the hood, Redditor’s 1973 F-100 is a testament to how enduring these trucks remain 45 years later.

Before the F-150 won the hearts and fleet sales of North America, the F-100 was there to set the stage for the best-selling truck and vehicle around. From the field to the farmer’s market, from the job site to camping overnight, the F-100 was the perfect tool for anything the Courier couldn’t handle.

And besides, nothing beats a cool old truck. We happened upon this 1973 F-100 on Reddit the other day, and we couldn’t help but share with you.

Named “Ol’ Blue,” this 45-year-old pickup owned by Redditor MladjoZ still has its original blue paint, as well as its original 360 V8. And speaking of that engine, MladjoZ is “getting stuff together to pull the engine” out of the bay. He had plans to replace it with a new engine, but since it’s original to the truck, he asked if he should rebuild it or continue with his original plan.

“Really, fuel injection is the way to go with these,” said Redditor GoProDad. “They are not going to bring in huge amounts of money if restored to original, so have fun with what you have. Drop a newer block and rip up the roads in that bad boy.” MladjoZ agreed, adding that while he loves “tinkering with carbs, they’re a pain in the ass.”

There’s just something about an old truck, like this F-100, that new trucks can’t touch. Trucks like this one harken back to simpler days, when they didn’t need to be luxury cars with beds that hardly see much use.

Whatever happens to this F-100, we hope to see this blue beauty on the road soon. We definitely need more trucks like “Ol’ Blue” in our lives.

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