Bronc-No? External Factors Could Kill the New Bronco Before It Even Begins

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Classic Ford Broncos - F143170767- 1971 Bronco Mt. Vernon

Is there going to be a new Bronco or not? That seems to be the question we’ve all been juggling the past couple of weeks as time continues to progress but we don’t see any development in the area. For those of you looking forward to the return of the epic nameplate as a Jeep Wrangler competitor, there might be other factors in control than just whether or not Ford wants to build it.

That’s right, even if Ford really wants to put the product into production, there are many different things that could affect that from happening. No company functions entirely in a bottle, and those factors come into play in any business decision. That is especially true for a multi-million dollar new vehicle.

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While I don’t want this to sink into a political debate about which candidate is better, it is an election year in the United States. Some of the many issues being debated are free trade and trade inequality. Other issues include pay and employees. It doesn’t matter who is running, making a decision during a big election year is risky for a business. Ford could very well be waiting to see how that all works out before fully committing to the investment.

Fuel prices are still fairly low, but there are global economies dependent on oil production and export. If those countries fail economically, that may impact fuel prices for all of us. What I’m saying is fuel prices might not stay low forever, and a vehicle like the Bronco wouldn’t be the most fuel-efficient offering from the company. As a lower-volume vehicle, it doesn’t matter as much to the customer, who will pay whatever price for it, but Ford has surely taken that into account with their projections.

Government regulation is also at play in vehicle design and production. For the Bronco to have things like a removable roof, the Bronco would need to be designed to survive well in crash testing. The crash standards of today are far higher than they were just a couple of years ago.


Also, fuel economy and CO2 emissions are regulated by the government. It’s important that whatever vehicle Ford brings to market that it helps the company get closer to the goals set forth by the EPA. Not meeting those requirements can be costly.

But after you factor in all the external factors, there are still the typical internal factors. Will there be enough production capacity? Can they make the vehicle profitable?

Also, does Ford even want to make the Bronco? It’s fun talking with people within the company about the prospects of the vehicle. They definitely like the attention the Bronco rumors bring them, but liking the attention or encouraging speculation doesn’t mean the same thing as, “Yes, we’re going to build it.” A new Bronco might be something the media conjured up and that fans wish to be so.

I’ll keep digging to bring you the latest information about the Bronco, and if it’s going to happen. In the meantime, let us know what you think over in our forums!

Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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