Exhaust Systems for Your Ford Truck

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When choosing exhaust systems for your Ford truck, there are many things to consider. Your truck’s exhaust can deepen the sound your truck makes and ultimately increase the power your truck is producing. The system can reduce your fuel economy and give you optimum performance from your truck. These systems come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Consider some of the top makers of exhaust systems before making your purchase.


Magnaflow produces performance exhaust systems for your Ford truck that are easy to bolt on and will survive even the toughest terrain. Their mufflers are totally constructed from stainless steel with a stainless mesh and acoustic fiber which gives that deep, effortless tone. The tight packing of the mesh ensures that the sound will remain strong for years to come. The straight-through design of the muffler gives it optimal air flow with no back pressure. Magnaflow does testing with two dynamometers to make sure the exhaust system will give you maximum performance. As long as the system is installed properly on your Ford truck, the lifetime warranty will cover any problems you may have along the way.


Flowmaster prides itself on being the exhaust technology company. The company began nearly 50 years ago and has expanded to include many products. Their exhaust systems are designed with optimal sound quality and you can choose your sound depending on the muffler type you get. The 70 series mufflers have a quieter sound, while the Super 44 series has a deeper, more rugged sound, and there are several to choose from. The company uses Delta flow technology which works using multiple deflectors which dismisses any disturbances commonly found in single deflector models. There is a tuning chamber which decreases resonance, and a power chamber which will increase the performance in your truck.  Flowmaster offers a limited lifetime warranty on all exhaust kits and mufflers for the original purchaser of the product.


SpinTech is a company that has established itself in the performance industry and is a competitive choice in exhaust systems for your Ford truck. SpinTech technology was created by a NASA engineer and is similar to having a rocket in your muffler. The muffler traps the sound energy and turns it into heat energy while inside. There is no chance of a blow out, with no packing inside, and no back pressure. The key to this technology is the straight-flow design which allows for top of the line performance commonly used on the race track. SpinTech exhaust systems are American made and combine science and technology to produce the best possible performance. The company is located in Riverside, California and its products are sold by distributors across the U.S.

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