Behold an Evil Twin Turbo Ford Lightning

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turbo ford lightning

A Twin Turbo Ford Lightning With a Taste for Racing

Ford designed the Lightning pickup in response to the competition’s other super sporty trucks. The first generation Lightning was quick in speed, but sluggish in reflexes. Ford went back to the drawing board, and launched a new and improved second generation in 1999.

Despite of how capable those trucks may have been, they don’t compare to this evil green monster. This video by 1320video, shows us what an expensive twin turbo Ford Lightning is capable of. In case you’re wondering, it’s—a lot.

The owner of this speed demon has spent a lot of time and money creating this beast, and it’s a rather unorthodox one. For starters, a modern Coyote F-150 V8 sits in the engine bay. According to the owner, the truck achieves 26 mpg in the highway. That’s insane considering the truck was dynoed at over 885 horsepower!

As a result of that massive muscle, this truck can knock out an 8 second quarter-mile. Needless to say, the 4,000 lb. moves rather quick down the race track. The owner kicks off the video by discussing the many engine mods in the twin turbo Ford Lightning, and trust me, there are plenty!


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