Have You Ever Traveled to Buy a New Truck?

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f-350 platinum road trip

Forum user ranardo’s F-350 Platinum

For many of us, when we decide that we need to purchase a new vehicle, we head down to the local dealership to take a look. We might even travel to a nearby community if we know we can get a better price for what we’re looking for. We might even look online in the region just to see what’s out there, but many of us don’t travel far to get our new vehicle.

Some, though, will travel far (even across the country) to buy their new vehicle and bring it home. Have you ever traveled far to pick up a new truck?

Forum user raynardo recently posted pictures of his beautiful new 2015 F-350 Super Duty Platinum in red that he picked up at a dealership in South Dakota. He immediately hooked it up to his 5th-wheel trailer and will be driving it back home to southern California.

Some manufacturers, like Chevrolet, will let you pick up your vehicle from the factory and drive it home. If you order a European vehicle like a BMW, you can have it delivered to their performance center in South Carolina, participate in on-track training, and then drive your new car home. Some people make an entire vacation out of purchasing a new car.

Have you ever ordered a truck (or car) out of state and driven it home on a road trip? Share your stories with us in the forum!

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