Ever Heard of the Ford Ranger Rabid Coyote Edition?

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With the exception of its Lightning-style side exhaust, this little pickup is one helluva sleeper. In fact, it’s a coma patient. No drag donuts, no big-ass scoop, no bright paint. It just looks like the 2011 Ford Ranger Sport 4X4 it started life as.

Until you look under the hood.


There, you’ll find a 5-liter Ford V8. That’s connected to a six-speed Tremec gearbox and the rear wheels only. According to the dealership that’s selling this tweaked truck, “THE [Blow-By Racing] CONVERSION TOTALED $20,500. THE VEHICLE WAS DRIVEN FOR LESS THAN 900 MILES TO LOCAL CAR SHOWS AND THEN WE OBTAINED IT THROUGH TRADE.”


It’s appropriately dubbed the “Rabid Coyote Edition” and is being offered for $26,987. However, it’s also listed as “Pending.” Perhaps you’re running out of time to capture this beast and cage it within your garage…

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