Evander Holyfield and Georgia Want You to Not Drive Like a Jerk

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We all know how it goes. You’re having a bad day, you’re in a hurry, and then someone cuts you off on the road and nearly makes you crash. After it all gets piled up, you lose it and have a nice fit of road rage.


Well the state of Georgia wants you to think twice before the next time you decide to step out of your car in a fit of anger.

They teamed up with Evander Holyfield to create a little PSA video about the consequences of storming up to someone’s car when you don’t know who is inside. The video is short and to the point, but pretty entertaining.
Can you imagine terrified you would be to walk up to a car in a fit violent rage just to have a world-class boxer step out his car and stare you with those deep, cold, mean eyes.

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