Euro Ford Edge Debuts New 2.0-Liter EcoBlue Bi-Turbo Diesel

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Ford Edge

Ford’s first-ever bi-turbo EcoBlue diesel is a technological marvel. Too bad we can’t buy one!

America was just treated to the unveiling of the all-new Ford Edge, an innovative and attractive redesign that includes a high-performance ST variant. But as exciting as our new Edge is, we’ve got a little bit of Euro envy. In all fairness, it’s essentially the same thing. Same slick styling, same (almost) advanced technology. But there’s one big difference, and it lies under the hood.

And for our friends across the pond, that is a 2.0-liter EcoBlue bi-turbo diesel engine. It’s the first time Ford has paired two turbos to one of its EcoBlue engines, designed to meet Europe’s stringent stage 6 emissions standards.

Ford Edge

But it isn’t all about fuel economy, of course. The new bi-turbo diesel produces 238 horsepower and what is undoubtedly an impressive torque figure, though Ford is remaining mum on that for now. They do say that the engine is optimized for low-end torque, which should make it a real hoot to drive.

Ford accomplished that by using two different turbos – a small, high-pressure unit and a larger, low pressure one. Working together, the turbos produce greater responsiveness at low rpms. At higher rpms, the larger turbo works along to produce enough boost to achieve peak power.

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