The Escape is Evidence in Ford’s Newest NBC Product Placement

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Automakers have really ramped up deals for product placement in film, and it’s getting to the point where it’s beyond obvious. Everybody knows that Tony Stark drives an Audi R8, and the rest of the Avengers films exclusively use Audis for major scenes.

In that piece of trash called a movie Batman vs. Superman, Bruce Wayne drives a Jeep Renegade to meet the worst contractual obligation ever (seriously, a Renegade? In a chase scene? GTFOH). Ford wasn’t about to boxed out of that cash cow, though it’s chosen a different route: television, shows on NBC in particular.

Ford currently has a contract with NBC to have its cars in the shows The Blacklist and Blindspot. In Blindspot, the Ford Escape is going to be inspected by FBI agent Patterson as if it were a piece of evidence at a crime scene.

In Blacklist, another FBI agent character Samar Navabi will actually be driving the Escape, and from the sounds of the press release, she’s going to use SYNC either in a commercial or during the show. Just like real life, obviously.

The episodes will air May 9, 16 and 23.

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