Era-Proper 1940 Ford Half-Ton Pickup Ready for a New Home

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Only weeks away is Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast auction event happening in Connecticut where this impeccable 1940 Ford Half-Ton Pickup will be for auction. Reading over Barrett-Jackson’s auction listing remarks is a pleasure. The owner’s pride of the final build improvements is evident.

No garages or resto-specialists were given honors though they should have; if this was a home garage rebuild that would be quite amazing. Looking through the pictures of the full frame-off restoration finished project puts this a grade above all other Half-Tons for sale around the country.


The authentic era-proper character and fine condition of this 1940 Ford Half-Ton Pickup truck is what makes it so attractive. This top-quality Half-Ton hasn’t been over-modified or tricked-out with plush equipment then to possibly sit in a garage as a show piece.

It was prepared to be as OEM to tool around town as an almost factory-spec car show piece. It has been kept in a private collection as a survivor and just recently restored over the last year for what sounds like an intent to let her go. What has been retooled for the next owners enjoyment, let’s see?


Sounds like and looks to be a highly-meticulous restoration, all area’s of the vehicle were refinished. Using brand-new screws and fasteners were not just applied to the foundation but to all areas including new bushings to the suspension tightening up the steering. Adding to the driving experience is a totally refreshed powertrain.

From the flathead V8, through the 3-speed tranny out to the rear diff, all factory, all matching. More improved bits around the vehicle include touched-up new glass, re-chromed parts with no fiberglass used. A couple crucial mods; the bed was renovated with beauteous oak wood inlay, plus a 12-volt plug and to top it all off equipped with in-cabin stereo. Better than the original.






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