Epic Dodge Fail Turns Into Comeback Victory for the Ages

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Dodge Fail

We pick on Dodge a lot around here. And for good reason: it’s a ton of fun. But still, sometimes you have to give a hat tip to the Mopar guys. Well, maybe not all of them, but at least this guy, right?

First though, let’s set the stage for the video below. Here we have a couple of mud-trucks going tail to tail for a backwoods tug-of-war. Right off the bat, you notice the Ram on the left isn’t joking around, as it’s loaded with cement for traction purposes. We also notice how serious this beefed-up┬áSuperDuty is, because the back of his truck says “Nuff Said.” That’s serious.

And within moments of go-time, it looks like the SuperDuty’s proclamation is going to be 100% accurate, because the Ram’s frame turns into an A-frame. Crunch. Which makes the crowd go absolutely buck wild. The tug-of-war stops, and everyone runs up to high-five the Ram driver, who seems pretty darn pleased for a guy whose truck looks like it got stepped on by a tyrannosaurus.


You would think that would be the end of this Dodge Fail story, but here’s where things get weird.

Luckily for the Ram driver, there was some heavy equipment on hand. The Ram gets some help from a trackhoe and a skid-steer, who straighten him out, mostly. Then the jerk on the mic, I mean, the emcee, jokingly says, “How ’bout round 2, huh?”

But like I said, the Ram driver isn’t joking around. He wants another piece of the SuperDuty. This time, his truck miraculously avoids crumbling. Even more miraculously, the Ram pulls away for the victory. And the crowd goes even more buck wild.

Well played, Dodge. You won this round. But worry not, we’re sure to have plenty more Dodge Fails coming your way soon!

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via [BustedKnuckleVideo, SpeedSociety]

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