Meet the Engines of the 2018 F-150

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2018 Ford F-150

Ford Brought All the New 2018 F-150 Engines to Detroit, With One Big Exception: Where’s the Diesel?

We’ve already brought you everything you need to know about the 2018 Ford F-150. The Blue Oval has done a heck of a job at redesigning the truck, and it seems to be cooler and more capable than ever. Of course, the biggest factor behind these capabilities is the engine. That’s why we’ve chosen to feature the four engines Ford brought to the Detroit auto show.

Below you’ll see a brief description (per Ford) of the all-new 3.3 liter V6, the 2.7 liter EcoBoost, and the 3.5 liter Ecoboost gasoline engines. The iconic 5.0 liter V8 was also present, though the just-announced 3.0 liter Power Stroke diesel engine was not. Perhaps Ford doesn’t want to release too much, too son?

3.3 Liter Engine

2018 Ford F-150

This powerful and efficient gasoline V6 engine is all-new for the 2018 F-150. A high 12:1 compression ration and innovations like dual fuel deliver set this engine apart from the rest. Dual Fuel Delivery System combines Port Fuel Injection in the intake port, and Direct Injection fuel in the combustion chamber.

In addition, two-stage variable displacement oil pump reduces friction for increased efficiency. 90.41 Bore x 86.7 Stroke.

2.7 Liter EcoBoost Engine

2018 Ford F-150

The first gasoline engine built with a compacted graphite iron (CGI) engine block for added strength and rigidity. This engine too, has been upgraded with new technology for 2018.

Innovations like high-pressure cooled EGR and variable displacement oil pump help improve city fuel-efficiency. Duel Fuel Deliver System combines Port Fuel and Direct Injection fuel in the combustion chamber for improved efficiency, performance and reduced emissions. Higher compression ratio of 10.3:1 focuses on delivering power without decreasing efficiency.

3.5 Liter EcoBoost Engine

2018 Ford F-150

Advanced twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT) precisely opens and closes valves to optimize power output. This happens at every point across the performance band due to finely tuned software. EcoBoost combines two proven powertrain technologies used in heavy-duty trucks: twin turbochargers and direct injections.

This engine delivers peak torque at low engine speeds, and across a wide rpm band to provide power on demand. Such capabilities pay off during hauling and towing applications. Lastly, deceleration fuel shutoff is precisely managed to increase fuel economy.

5.0 Liter V8 Engine

2018 Ford F-150

The new and upgraded 5.0 liter V8 now features auto start-stop capability, plus innovations for increased power and efficiency. Duel Fuel Deliver System combines Port Fuel and Direct Injection fuel in the combustion chamber for improved efficiency, performance and reduced emissions.

Usage of PTWA (plasma transferred wire arc) spray bore technology cylinder block, eliminates the need for heavy steel cylinder liners. A total of four knock sensors are used to provide more precise control over individual cylinder spark.

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