Electric SUV from Ford with 300-Mile Range is Coming

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What can we expect, and why is this full-electric crossover or SUV such a big deal for a country like China?

Ford has promised that we’ll see electrified variants of many of the Blue Oval’s vehicles in the near future, and that includes a fully-electric crossover or sport utility vehicle, reveals Green Car Reports. The SUV is said to have an impressive 300 miles of range and will likely be built in Mexico. What could this new SUV be, and why is it important for the Ford faithful?

We wanted to write this article as another tease for the new Bronco, wanting you to think that this new electric SUV would be using Ford’s storied nameplate. But the truth is, that’s unlikely. While Jeep did announce that the company will be offering a plug-in hybrid of the JL Wrangler, and we wouldn’t be shocked to see something like that with the Bronco, this full-EV will likely be something bigger.

We have already joked about an all-electric lineup for the entire line of Ford pickups. In reality, Ford has only confirmed a hybrid F-150, and this new vehicle won’t share any components with the truck platforms. Instead, it’s likely that Ford will take the fight to the electric crossover market where only one all-electric competitor exists: the Tesla Model X.

F-150 Hybrid Concept

Looking at the Tesla Model X for comparison, that’s the one fully-electric vehicle on sale with that type of range in a crossover body. The Model X was plagued with issues from the start, including malfunctioning doors. Ford’s SUV will likely be more conventional for the sake of simplified production and long-term reliability.


It’s likely that Ford will take the fight to the electric crossover market where only one all-electric competitor exists: the Tesla Model X.


It also makes sense for the vehicle to be an SUV or crossover. Sedan sales are slipping nationwide and vehicles like the Ford Fusion, in particular, are hurting. While an all-electric variant of the Fusion would be a cool project, buyers have long indicated that they’d rather have an SUV. Luckily for Ford, the SUVs carry higher prices and help offset the increased cost of the electrified powertrain.

Also, it should be noted that this will be a global car, with a focus on China. Emissions regulations in China are quite strict, and they are as crossover-crazy as we are. Offering up this vehicle for their audience helps Ford get a stronger foothold in their growing economy while maintaining compliance with their strict regulations.

What do you think about an electric Ford SUV? Is it something you’d buy over a gasoline equivalent if it was priced competitively?

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