Electric Ford Focus, Transit Connect, and Explorer Recalled

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In addition to the F-150 recall just issued, Ford announced three more vehicles have problems┬áthat require attention and dealership checks. Luckily, to Ford’s knowledge, none have resulted in any sort of accidents or injuries.

2015-2016 Focus Electric: Ford found that it’s possible the differential pinion shaft might wear out too quickly. That might cause the shaft to break, which could mean an unexpected loss of power or the transmission might come out of park, which as we know from Anton Yelchin’s recent death, is no joke. Ford would like to bring about 900 vehicles in to install a new transmission differential assembly with friction-reducing coatings.


2016 Ford Transit Connect: In about 600 Transit Connects, Ford found that the pump on the brake hydraulic control unit might not perform up to standards, which could affect the functionality of electronic stability control, roll stability control, anti-lock braking, emergency brake assist, curve control, trailer sway control, traction control, and hill start assist. If that pump goes out, you might be in danger you could have completely avoided had the pump just worked correctly.

2016 Ford Explorer: Like the F-150s, the new Explorers’ seatbacks might not have the correct welding, which could put the driver at risk in the event of a crash.

All issues, if present in your vehicle, will be fixed at no cost to you.


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