Massive Eight-Wheeled Ford Truck Nearly Breaks a Record!

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This enormous and intricate build does an excellent job at representing Ford trucks, up until it simply couldn’t.

Mud bogs are typically a good way to spend a hot summer day splashing around at the wheel of a lifted Ford truck. These events hardly ever prove anything about of considerable worth about someone’s truck, except how deep they can go in the mud before they get stuck, of course.

Most truck enthusiasts who participate in these events do it for fun, and a few of them do it for bragging rights. But, then there is a select bunch who are very competitive and spend small fortunes making their trucks considerably better than the average ride. This video by ROCKWELL OFFROAD shows us exactly that.


At first glance, we have an old-school Ford truck that’s so wildly modified it’s actually hard to tell what’s what? Right off the bat, we can tell that it’s an extended-cab Ford F-150 from approximately 1995. As for the rest, it’s all custom-made. The engine has been beefed up considerably, including a dual exhaust system poking directly through the hood, but then there’s the suspension and tires!

The entire chassis has been built with only one purpose in mind: To tackle deep, sticky mud. The massive setup includes eight wheels and tires; yes, eight. And the engine pushes so much power to the transmission that at times you can see the axles and driveshaft struggling to handle the torque.

Here it seems that the goal is to make it past the viciously sticky mud, and judging by the video title we can guess there’s a prize of $10,000 to whoever makes it to the finish line.

Unfortunately, it won’t be this guy. He goes out with a BOOM!

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