Eight-Wheeled Ford Truck Shows Up a Chevy: Muddy Monday

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One Chevy has to pull another out of the mud, but this monstrous Ford cruises through the deep mud.

This week’s Muddy Monday video comes to us from the Rockwell Offroad YouTube channel and it features a wicked eight-wheeled Ford pickup show several Chevy trucks how to play in the mud. While this video focuses mostly on Chevrolet mud trucks, be patient, as the big F-Series at the end of the video is well worth the wait. This is especially true after watching a handful of GM trucks struggle as a group.

Chevy Troubles

The video begins with Chevrolet Silverado making its way across the bog of the Mud Truck Madness Offroad Park in Louisiana. The truck has serious suspension and chassis upgrades, making plenty of room for the huge tires while a healthy-sounding V8 provides the power. The Silverado enters the mud with the engine roaring and the tires spinning, slinging mud into the air as the big truck makes its way through the pit.

Stuck Chevy

However, as it gets to a section with some aquatic foliage sticking up out of the mud, the Chevy begins to struggle and it eventually comes to rest. The driver tries to back out, but that just digs the truck in deeper. It is stuck, so a friend in another, wildly colored Chevrolet comes in to help. That truck quickly gives up, so we can only figure that it couldn’t get enough traction to pull the other GM product out of the mud.

Trio of Chevys

Finally, a Chevy Suburban comes over and pulls the stuck Silverado to dry land.

Ford Time

The video ends with a huge Ford attacking the same portion of the pit, but this truck is clearly built for domination in the pit. This truck has eight wheels, four on each axle with a slightly smaller tire on the outside of each combo.

Eight-Wheel Ford Truck

As it effortlessly digs through the mud and plants, we can see that this F-Series beast also has rear-wheel steering, allowing the driver to carefully select his line through the pit.

Eight-Wheel Ford Truck

Crank up your speakers and enjoy this video of a Chevy failing and a truly unique Ford shining bright.


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