Edge Releases Evolution Programmer for 2007.5+ GMC Duramax (LMM)

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OGDEN, UT – Today Edge Products announced the release of their latest Evolution programmer for the 2007.5 Chevy/GMC Duramax (LMM motor). Similar to Edge’s
other Evolution programmers, this unit comes with four standard power levels,
quickly changes power levels, functions as a full diagnostic tool, and stays
mounted in the cab to provide real-time monitoring of the truck’s vital engine
information. Best of all, it comes with a custom pod designed to integrate with
the trucks dash and includes and exhaust gas temperature (EGT) probe at no
extra cost.

Evolution provides gains of up to 85 HP and 200 ft-lbs of torque at its peak.
It also includes a special mileage tune designed specifically to improve fuel
economy. Advanced tuning features include the ability to recalibrate the speed
signal to show true road speed if the truck runs non-stock tires, and
adjustment of the factory speed limiter. The Evolution also features
performance testing ““ 0-60 and quarter-mile times with drag-strip Christmas
tree lighting and reaction times. The unit is Internet updatable and includes a
USB cable and custom software.

exceptional new features to this Evolution are the ability to display soot mass
and injector balance rates, and the ability to scroll through multiple display
parameters with the click of a button. Soot mass is displayed in grams and is
related to the amount of soot in diesel particulate filter (DPF), which helps
customers gauge when how close they may be to a regeneration cycle. The display
of injector balance rates is beneficial because, if out of balance, customers
can pinpoint which injector has a problem. The Evolution also displays DPF
regeneration status, which helps customers understand where the truck is in its
regeneration process.

is excited to announce the option of bonus features which are available via
Internet upgrade. With the signature of a waiver and for a nominal fee, customer
can obtain a HOT unlock code, which releases three additional power levels and
up to 130 HP. With the waiver, customers can also perform a forced regeneration
to clear their particulate traps.

Edge Products manufacturers a full line of plug-in modules,
programmers, and in-cab controllers for all popular late-model domestic trucks
and Jeeps. For more information, contact Edge Products, 1080 S. Depot Dr., Ogden,
UT 84404
call 888-360-3343 or 801-476-3343; fax 801-476-3348; or visit

1080 S. Depot Dr. “¢ Ogden, UT 84404 “¢

888.360.3343, 801.476.3343, fax 801.476.3343 “¢ www.edgeproducts.com

Contact: Shane Reichardt, Public Relations Manager

Schiefer Public Relations, 714.241.1116 ext. 304, [email protected]

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