Edge Products Unveils All-New CTS2

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Edge Products has just revealed their all-new CTS2. The product is superior to its predecessor, and Edge Products has high hopes for how it will do. After all, they have reason to — the success of their previous products supports their expectations fully.


The CTS2 will still have all of the features and benefits of the previous model, though several key things are being improved in the new version. With a revised and brilliantly new exterior that they believe fits with the modern day, as well a larger display with higher resolution, Edge Products is hoping to deliver a product that will please every customer who makes a purchase.

And this fits, since, according to the company, input from the customers was a driving force behind the creation the CTS2, from the new HDMI style plug and a multitude of new customization options.

The owner of this product will be able to choose from five different custom gauge screens as well as use a custom color mixer for gauge arcs, needles, and layouts. Edge Products also decided to look to the latest smart phones for some guidance in where to take the CTS2, and thus have created a notifications center for alerts that is accessible to the user with only a single swipe.


It seems that there is high potential for this new product to perform wonderfully. Edge Products certainly thinks so, and now it’s up to the customers to decide. Of course, with all the new changes and improvements we would certainly say it’s worth checking out!

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