EcoBoost-Powered Trucks Fight Chevy and Ram

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What a better way to settle a debate than by pulling each other’s trucks!

There is a battle that rages on each year, and it has no end in sight — The Battle of the Truck Brands! Obviously, we know the F-150 is superior in just about every way, but there are other owners out there who think Chevy and Dodge have better trucks. How could these folks settle their argument? By playing a little tug of war, obviously!

The first video by Edgar Vega shows a truck-pull between an EcoBoost-powered Ford and a V8-powered Silverado. During the first pull, the Silverado got off quickest, but ended up stopping in its tracks when the F-150 gave it some gas. Eventually the F-150 won, however, in the two subsequent pulls both trucks held their own until the straps snapped.

The second video is by Eric Lozano, and it shows an F-150 EcoBoost against a Dodge Ram EcoDiesel. While the Ford didn’t come out victorious, it was a good showing, and the guy taking the video sure laughed at the result. Not to make excuses for anyone, but a showing between a lightweight, gas-powered F-150, and a heavy diesel-powered Ram isn’t what we’d call — fair.

Regardless, they didn’t exactly settle the debate on which truck is best, but the F-150 had respectable showings. Don’t you think?

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Charles Dean is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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