Ecoboost F-150 Takes on Silverado and Tundra in Towing Gauntlet

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Conventional wisdom says that if you want to tow stuff, you should have V8 truck. Ford has been hard at work dismantling that impression with their Ecoboost F-150, but it’s not like they don’t have competition. Both Chevy and Toyota have half-ton trucks with V8s with similar tow capacities at similar price points. The question ultimately becomes whether or not those two extra cylinders are better than two turbos.

To that end, Fast Lane Trucks put the F-150 through “the Ike Gauntlet.” Basically, they strapped two tons of American iron to a trailer and decided to drive up a mountain and see which truck could do it the best. I’ll let you guys guess at which one came out on top.

My only gripe is that they left out the Ram 1500, which is a pretty serious competitor in this market. That said, these are pretty informative videos. There’s no real fan boy bias and these guys know their stuff. ┬áCheck ’em out below.

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