Eccentric Artist Makes a Ford Falcon Book Tank

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In the current world climate with every nation being rocked with scandals, death, war, famine and economic downturn, sometimes all it takes is one person with a Ford Falcon to restore your faith in the world as whole. That man is Raul Lemesoff and he converted his 1979 Falcon into a tank covered in free books that he is calling the Weapon of Mass Instruction.

Raul is an Argentinian artist, and this rolling sculpture is covered in nearly 1000 books that he is giving away for free. The only condition he has is that you must promise to read it. Poetry books, political pieces, fantasy novels and plenty more are all free for taking so long as you use your imagination and dive into the rich words on the pages.


It makes sense that he would use a Ford for such a project. It was Ford, after all, that brought affordable motoring to the world, so why shouldn’t a Ford be used to help rekindle young minds to the enjoyment of reading?

In this video you can see the eccentric artist, and hear from his friends on what he is, and what this project accomplishes. A slightly awkward, happy and humble man, Raul says he doesn’t want money or fame, but rather he says, “I do this because I have fun doing it.”

The video is part of series by Sprite, but don’t let the corporate branding throw you off, they just paid for the high-budget video work that lets us all enjoy this rolling piece of awesome Ford metal.

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