Easy Rear Seat Removal For 2004 – 2008 F-150

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This step-by-step guide by Travis O’Brien will save time over Ford’s standard removal procedure if you need to install speakers or other accessories.

1.  Pry top plastic cover off of the middle seat belt at
the top of the seat.  This will give you access to remove the two 10mm nuts
that hold the plastic piece down. 

2.  Remove the T50 bolt that holds the middle seat belt

3.  Squeeze your arm back behind the lower part of the seat
and get your hand on the plastic piece that hooks over the metal catch of the
seat cushion.  Below I show two examples of where you need to get a grip on
it with your finger.  At the same time I hit the top of the seat downward
while pulling this plastic piece towards the back wall.  After doing so
pull the seat up some and repeat on the other side.  Some times it takes a
few times since one side falls after you go to the other side.  I usually
jam something under the seat cushion after released to keep if from catching

Some examples of how I get my hand on the clasp.

This is what the plastic clasp is grabbing on the seat.

4.  After both sides are released then pull the seat
straight up to release it off of the plastic hooks at the top of the cushion
that hold it to the back wall.

5.  Remove the seat.  Be very careful not to scratch
your bottom seat cushion.  There is some sharp metal at the bottom of the
framework that can do some damage.

There is enough room to mount your amplifiers, tv tuners, or
anything else you wish to the back wall.  Under the carpet on the driver’s
side you will find the keyless entry module.  If your truck is equipped
with the power sliding window then you will find the motor back there as well.

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