Easy and Inexpensive F-150 Window Mod Makes Big Difference

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F-150 Window Tint

Window tinting gives F-150 a sharp refresh with a small price tag. 

Reddit user RDRNR3 recently shared a simple but effective modification made to his 2017 F-150 on the F-150 subreddit, window tinting. RDRNR3 got his front windows tinted to match the back windows. Simple, right? This small change yields some pretty cool gains. And the best part is that this small change came in at only $140 dollars.

Fellow Redditor ConnorKMiec93 agreed, saying “Absolute best bang-for-your-buck mod you can do.” Another user, Unheard, agreed, and had done the same to his truck. “First mod I did to my truck after buying. No regrets.” Of course, more handy truck owners can do this as a DIY project at home.

RDRNR3 went with a tint percentage of 35%, and is very happy with the results. Laws vary by state as to how tinted you can go with your windows, so you can go to Tint Laws for all the information on how dark you can go.

The conversation turned to the benefits to window tinting, in particular ceramic tinting. Ceramic tinting doesn’t just look sharp, it’s helpful in reducing the temperature inside your ride, reducing the infrared rays by 45-50%. ATLGeek007 has ceramic tinting and added, “It’s noticeably cooler in the truck after being parked for a while.” While the ceramic tint runs slightly higher, it is still a cheap and effective mod.

What are your thoughts on window tinting? Let us know in the comments, or chime in on the forums.

S.J. Bryan is an editor with Ford Truck Enthusiasts and regular contributor to F-150 Online and Harley-Davidson Forums, among other auto sites.

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