EarthRoamer Luxury RV: Escape the Zombie Apocalypse in Style

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New XV-HD from expedition-vehicle builder costs $1.5M, will take you anywhere you need to go with the comforts of a high-end home.

Let’s say the world has devolved into apocalyptic chaos like something from a disaster film or book. What’s your vehicle of choice? Obviously, the answer is “Ford F-Series” truck, but you need something with more creature comforts. Like a $1.5 million luxury RV on a Ford F-750 chassis, the EarthRoamer XV-HD 4×4.

Alright, the apocalypse part is a bit over the top. Maybe you just want to camp in the rugged, hard-to-access parts of the world with some style. In that case, the EarthRoamer XV-HD has you covered, too. The Fast Lane Truck checked it out at the SEMA 2017 show.

Ford F-750 Earthroamers XV-HD 4x4

The Colorado company has tailored this Ford F-750 into a heavy-duty way to enjoy nature in style. The interior features hardwood everything and resembles a rustic cabin, or at least an interpretation of one. For the price point, though, EarthRoamer added stainless steel appliances in the galley and marble countertops.

There’s also a king-sized loft bed and a couch in the rear that folds into another king bed. If that’s not enough, how about a couple of 32-inch TVs with surround-sound? And a washing machine for that post-apocalyptic laundry.

This isn’t a powder-puff build, however. The company has outfitted it with some proper off-roading equipment. That means remote-reservoir shocks, 46-inch tires, and 15-ton winch will help you reach the middle of nowhere safely. A hydraulically driven generator system will also charge the XV-HD’s lithium batteries.

If by chance you end up in that apocalyptic scene, the XV-HD includes a security system with exterior cameras. That will help you keep an eye out for roving bands of zombies or bandits (or both).

Sure, the price is a bit high, but if the world ends, why not go through the last few days with some real amenities? That’s a priceless decision.

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