’80s Bronco Storms Through Mud: Muddy Monday

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Purpose-built Ford Bronco tears up the trails at the Parks Road Mud Bog while waiving the ‘ole Stars and Stripes!

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video comes courtesy of CarWarz, and it features a third-generation Ford Bronco (1980-1986) playing in a mud pit at an off-road event in Michigan. There aren’t any details on the vehicle in action, but we can clearly see that it’s an early ’80s Bronco with the rear portion of the roof removed, which makes it look a bit like an F-150 from the same era. The curved body line behind the doors and the unique divider behind the seats prove that it’s the iconic Ford SUV.

3rd gen Bronco in the mud

Like most good mud trucks, this Bronco has been lifted for extra ground clearance and room for the oversized mud tires. Based on the sound of the engine, this big Ford SUV seems to be powered by a healthy V8 motor with the radiator mounted in the cargo area, along with the headers venting up through the hood. All in all, it isn’t as extreme as some of the trucks we often feature, but it has clearly been modified to be a capable mud machine.

This cool video shows the Bronco tearing through the mud, oftentimes struggling for traction but quickly recovering. Meanwhile, the good ‘ole Stars and Stripes is waiving in the back, telling us this mud-loving Bronco owner is as ‘Murican as it gets.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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