Eager to Find Out the True Cost of Insuring the 2015 Ford F-150? Hurry Up and Wait.

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We know the 2015 Ford F-150 has an aluminum body (at this point, how could we not?). We know the prices for its body parts are more or less what they were for the 2014 model year. We know the Blue Oval has 757 dealerships with body shops that can repair aluminum. We still don’t know what the insurance rates for the 2015 trucks will ultimately be, though.


However, we’re getting closer to figuring it out. Actually, insurance companies are. According to Automotive News, “To set rates for 2015 models, insurance companies use the latest data they have — from 2014 model claims. It could take about a year or more to get repair and other data useful to set rates for the 2015 model, insurers say.” The publication has seen little, if any, change in the six-month coverage costs for a 2015 F-150 compared to those for a 2014 model.


The downside is that, even though Ford is selling a lot of F-150s, the majority of them have been the outgoing steel-bodied models (79 percent of F-150 sales in February). The more 2015 F-150s that are sold, the more of them that will be crashed and, therefore, repaired, which will help develop a clearer picture of the trucks’ insurance costs.

Fortunately, Ford has made the body of its new truck out of replaceable individual sections to ease repairs. It expects innovations like that to keep premiums consistent. It’s also parted ways with 72,000 2015s since late last fall. You all have bought some of them, so tell us: how has your experience insuring your aluminum F-150 been? Has it been less expensive, as expensive, or more expensive than you thought it would be?

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